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Carppopolis с пета поредна победа в Б група на Запад

Carppopolis with a fifth consecutive victory in Group B in the West

Carpopolis with a fifth consecutive win in Group B in the West.

The team of Carpopolis recorded a routine win over Fuse Media, which takes first place in the BBL West B temporary ranking, with 5 wins in a row.

Despite its short bench, the team led by Emil Goranov had no trouble and won the match 101-59. It was above all for the victory Todor Petrov with a monstrous double-double of 27 points and 17 rebounds, a Nikolay Nikolov added 24 points and 6 assists.

For the team of Fuse Media, Asen Georgiev distinguished himself with 19 points, followed by Kaloyan Penev with 14.


Carppopolis vs Fuse Media – basketball match from the regular season of the BBL B Group West.

BULGARIAN BASKETBALL LEAGUE (BBL) is a national basketball league established in 2016. FROM 2020. In recent years, the League has become one of the largest team championships in Bulgaria.

BBL A group, and from 2022 and B group are included as official state championships to the Bulgarian Basketball Federation. Thus, basketball in Bulgaria acquired a complete pyramidal structure. The league is structured and takes place on a regional tournament basis in four regions - West, South, East and Center.



Date Time League Season TV
November 1, 2023 9:30 p.m Bulgarian Basketball League BBL BBL B West 23-24 YouTube


Fuse Media1591718059Loss


Player MIN SU CO C% 2U 20 2T% 3U 3O 3T% NU BUT НУ% BN BZ B AC CITY FROM CH State of emergency FI FP +/- T K
Daniel Hristov Hristov0:4092339.1361250.0031127.271250.001458350004422226
Nikolay Ognyanov Aladzhov0:403742.861333.332450.0022100.00110113120011421021
Nikolay Genchev Nikolov0:3881650.005955.563742.865771.430446110015402428
Nikolay Dimitrov Nedev0:181333.331333.33000.00020.0010122100111820
Petyo Ivanov Ivanov0:2861060.005955.5611100.003933.33910196220045331632
Todor Petrov Petrov0:3491464.2971070.002450.0071070.0098172510025352737
Total 3673289.612546297.781127270.131832324.7621365727141200921210101144

Fuse Media

Player MIN SU CO C% 2U 20 2T% 3U 3O 3T% NU BUT НУ% BN BZ B AC CITY FROM CH State of emergency FI FP +/- T K
Mario Andreev Andreev0:384944.441333.333650.00000.000339320031-381115
Daniel Ivaylov Lozanov0:302728.571250.001520.00000.000222120041-3752
Anton Panayotov Todorov0:341616.671520.00010.001250.001453030041-3435
Ivan Dobromirov Ivanov0:1931030.003837.50020.001250.000331400041-147-4
Asen Kirilov Georgiev0:2771450.002450.0051050.00000.000332210011-361916
Alexander Kirilov Avramov0:19000.00000.00000.00000.000331100030-1900
Kaloyan Vasilev Penev0:2952025.0021315.383742.861250.000224520024-32143
Total 2266194.681035206.211231162.86361501202122161000219-2105937