Волтрон не успя да спре Енигма Фойерверк

Voltron failed to stop Enigma Fireworks

Voltron couldn't stop Enigma Fireworks.

Enigma Fireworks recorded a 4th win in Group A in the West, this time over Voltron with 100-90.

The basketball players of Enigma played a strong first half and went into the break with a comfortable lead. Voltron closed some of the gap in the second half, but was unable to complete the turnaround.

Above all for Enigma was the playing coach Kiril Raikov, who recorded a monster double-double of 34 points and 15 rebounds, to which he also added 6 assists, followed by Martin Rusev, who continues his strong performance in the league and also recorded a double-double with 28 points and 14 rebounds.

For the team of Voltron, Methodius Methodius excelled with 26 points, a Nikolai Petkov came on strong off the bench and added 17 points and 7 rebounds.


Enigma Fireworks vs Voltron – basketball match from the regular season of the BBL A Group West.

BULGARIAN BASKETBALL LEAGUE (BBL) is a national basketball league established in 2016. FROM 2020. In recent years, the League has become one of the largest team championships in Bulgaria.

BBL A group, and from 2022 and B group are included as official state championships to the Bulgarian Basketball Federation. Thus, basketball in Bulgaria acquired a complete pyramidal structure. The league is structured and takes place on a regional tournament basis in four regions - West, South, East and Center.



Date Time League Season TV
November 9, 2023 9:30 p.m Bulgarian Basketball League BBL BBL A West 23-24 YouTube




Player MIN SU CO C% 2U 20 2T% 3U 3O 3T% NU BUT НУ% BN BZ B AC CITY FROM CH State of emergency FI FP +/- T K
Dear Pavlinov Paskov0:211714.291616.67010.00000.0053874010101727
Kiril Georgiev Raikov0:40112152.3871070.0041136.3681080.00312156210126103445
Blagoi Kirilov Stoitsov0:171333.3311100.00020.001250.000332500012-1031
Radoslav Rumenov Kolev0:2661250.0061250.00000.002450.003581100032111413
Andrei Mihai Dulgeru0:132366.672366.67000.00000.001121000120-143
Victor Milenov Margaritov0:2951050.003650.002450.001250.000223250121161313
Martin Stanimirov Rusev0:34112347.8391752.942633.3344100.0077142240322172831
Dimitar Georgiev Yordanov0:171425.001333.33010.00000.000002000010-1020
Total 3883339.53058439.61825119.69162233019335224161016141350100113


Player MIN SU CO C% 2U 20 2T% 3U 3O 3T% NU BUT НУ% BN BZ B AC CITY FROM CH State of emergency FI FP +/- T K
Yanko Mihailov Minkov0:082366.6711100.001250.00000.000000001010454
Ivan Stoychev Stoychev0:264850.003475.001425.002450.000440110042-17117
Viktor Dimitrov Dimitrov0:2471070.007977.78010.00000.000223220011-161416
Nikolay Georgiev Petkov0:2171643.755683.3321020.001250.00077211002271716
Methodius Methodius Methodius0:30112152.3881457.143742.861250.001454300012-172622
Nikolay Petrov Pokrovnicki0:251616.671333.33030.00000.000336320105-1529
Zhivko Zhivkov Zhelev0:151425.001333.33010.00000.002461120001628
Tomislav Plamenov Petkov0:121520.001425.00010.0011100.000001020011532
Erik Ilianov Valchev0:345683.335683.33000.00000.000332215030-71015
Total 3979427.83250568.24729137.865925032730191311611314-509099